A valuable addition to your team

Outstanding Commitment ServicesServices

A well rounded professional with a mine of knowledge and experience who believes in teamwork.


More than 35 years of gathering knowledge of theory, processes and materials along with extensive software expertise.


A broad, hands-on experience of many varied scenarios can inform a plethora of possibilities and pitfalls.


The design and print industry offers continual challenges that have made for an interesting and exciting career so far.

A valuable addition to your business

Outstanding Benefits FeaturesFeatures

A track record of adding real value

Business Growth

Developed new income streams by maximising existing and new facilities

Business Efficiency

Increased production capacitiy by improving information and scheduling management

Business Performance

Increased e-commerce revenue 9-fold in first year

Business Organization

Built a bespoke information management system to handle the entire sales/production/accounting process from start to finish


A strong communicator, experienced in interpreting and managing complex client needs at all levels

Hands-On Skills

The ability to function at all levels of the process due to many years of practice, from operator to manager

It costs nothing to have a chat does it?

I'm always interested in talking, no matter where it leads.